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Quem mora lá

3 rapazes e moças, de 18 a 26 anos, misto , fumantes somente do lado de fora

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Hello, what's up? 💚💛

my name is Diana , and I speak on behalf of Coliving Rio.

If you don't know how a coliving works, it's a flat shared between digital nomads and students (Brazilians and foreigners), all of them between 20 and 30 years old - we're not a host family - homestay (where the owner lives in the flat), so you can have your individuality without strict rules.

Each one has their own room, fully furnished, and common areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, all very well equipped and structured so that everyone is attended to. Not forgetting that in all units the internet is of the highest quality.

There is also a system of periodic maintenance and cleaning of our units and follow-up/monitoring to ensure that our guests live together in harmony and common sense.

Our units are: Copacabana (1 and 2 - 2 units) , Botafogo , Leme , Jardim Botanico and Laranjeiras - 23 rooms in a total of 6 units of our Coiving all in the South Zone of Rio. Check availability according to the area you would like to live in.

Contact us to find out about our calendar of future availability and immediate entry.

Contact us and we'll send you our virtual tour of the location you're interested in.

You can do this via Instagram and click on the Whatsapp button or directly

See you there!

—> Coliving Rio is certified by the City of Rio de Janeiro Tourism Authority

Coliving refers to a modern housing concept where individuals live together in shared spaces, typically with private bedrooms and communal areas. It emphasizes community, collaboration, and shared resources, offering an alternative to traditional renting or living arrangements. Coliving spaces often provide amenities and services to foster a sense of belonging and convenience for residents.

All of them are around the same age, students or digital nomads.

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Postado em 7 abril 2024